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The name "Evil-Legend" was created when I listened to the band Balzac

alot they had a shirt that said "Evilegend13" I loved that name

and took it, using it as my username on several blogs.

But that is not how i came to be the "Evil-Legend" you know and love today!

It all started long ago my house hold had just got a computer and i was spending

all the time i could on it looking at pictures of sonic and megaman on google when

"google images" was not around, i would later try to draw the pics i found.

Google was my friend and

i used him soo much that it wasnt even funny. A year later i had made a friend who also

shared the intrestes i had, one of them being megaman so i googled him once more but this

time not for images but for sites and what i found dear readers would change my life forever!

One of the links on Google lead to a collection of megaman flashes on a site called, i did not know what i was seeing but it was so amazing and made

my eyes tear in glorious triumph! i whatched as many flashes. I so whished i could make

these flashes too for i didnt know how and what to use. Later on during valantines day

Newgrounds had a flash up called "the wrong vagina" by Cycon once i saw this

i fell in love, sweet sweet nerd love and from then on i vowed to become a flash artist!


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